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    Yep, you heard that right, I'm a personal shopper at heart.

    - My Services -

    Although I use the term 'Personal Shopping; its not actually what you think.

    I have been running my own independent business for just over a year now. I have a strong database of over 20/30 loyal clients who trust me with there whole entire apperance. From clothing to beauty, to hair, to treatments, if I've got a recommendation my clients have first hand access to my database of talented souls!


    I like to think my service is very 'personal' as I like to get into the heads of my clients and really push their comfort zones. For example if your not a midi skirt kind of girl I will still buy one in and style it up my way that I think suits you (you can of course tell me where to go if you really dont feel comfortable)

    As you can all see you'll always find me OUTSIDE the comfort zone because i'm a bit of an all round girl, I can wear a baseball cap, tracksuit & trainers one day and a pink frilly skirt, pom pom jumper and stilettos the next.


    Within my service I aim to gain your trust and inject you with my fashionable brain. Weather it be an occasion your attending that you need an outfit for, a holiday that requires several or a complete wardrobe overhaul, i'm your girl!

    Depending on your budget and your 'quality over quantity' thoughts I always hope to atleast secure between 2-5 outfits that you will LOVE! Of course if your like me and love a bargain I can find you 10 things for £100 or if you prefer the finer things in life expect just 2 items for £100 (do you get my drift?) I require a face to face consultation or can do this over the phone but I like to meet you first so I can get a clear understanding of your personality and what it is you would usually wear. During the consultation I will of course take your sizes, your do's and dont's, your budget and your blood type (haha only joking!)


    I like to have at least 2 weeks to source you whatever it is you desire, of course the bigger the budget does depend on how much time I will need to take sourcing all the best bits for you.

    - My Fees -

    I charge an overall cost of 20% on top of your budget. No ifs no buts its just a flat rate for my time.

    i.e if your looking to spend £1000 its going to cost you £200 for my service.

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