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This absolutely gorgeous bomber goes with just about anything! Ive teamed it up with a simple black lace bra'lette, grey ripped jeans and my to-die-for wang booties. As we edge closer and closer to WINTER its time to start layering up girls and this bomber is just perfect! I got so hot shooting in it with just a bra'lette underneath imagine what its like with a roll neck/long sleeve top! Todays look was created for a day in the office - casuallllll for me! None of that uniform malarky (thank the lord) if you do unfortunately have to wear a uniform then this is a perfect saturday day date outfit!


These absolutely gorgeous shades make the outfit even better the silver lens again just goes with everything and they are so easy to wear! My WANG booties work well with this just to add a little glamour to my look, but by all means team up with a fresh air max and your away.




JEANS - (made the rips myself)


SHADES - @jewelboutique (instagram)

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