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Skinny Dip X Google + Nasty Gal

London, UK

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I had THE busiest evening in London for SkinnyDip X Google and Nasty Gal events! I met up with two of the girls from the ‘sphere, Layla & Rachael, and off we went to the first of our two events!

Skinny Dip X Google

The event was held in their Covent Garden store and it's honestly one of the cutest stores I've ever seen.

Can we just appreciate the fact that the ceiling was full of balloons? Yes, (see pic below) how amazing is that? The hardest thing I find about events is that they are filled with either ALCOHOL and/or CAKE. There literally is no in between, trying to loose a stone and have a social life in London is kind of impossible! So for now, much to my disappointment, I just take pictures and tell myself not to get too close. I mean, come on, a doughnut, on top of a cake, surrounded by even bigger more delicious doughnut’ness…… talk about kicking me whilst I’m down!

Anyway, back to the actual event..

So, Skinny Dip have collaborated with Google Pixels to create these amazing 4 new cases! How cute are they though? So shiny and cute! We were blessed with Snoochie Shy on decks, a manicure bar, a COCKTAIL bar and the BEST fashion illustrator I’ve ever see! Boyyyyyyy, look at me here, workingggg itttt!

I chose to wear this outfit as I knew we were heading out to Nasty Gal after and I wanted to make sure I could switch up the outfit from casual to bouji bishhhhh in seconds (converse to lace up shoe boot). See how quickly I upped my game there 0 to 100 real quick! Unfortunately it got incredibly hot, incredibly fast, as more and more people turned up, so we had to go!

The vibe was so fun, everyone was enjoying themselves - it was such a good event! I have pre-ordered my exclusive Skinnydip case and I highly recommend you do the same!

Nasty Gal

Oh my god girls, have you actually seen Nasty Gal's website lately? Its fully LITTTTT, like everything is just so sick I genuinely want it ALL. I haven’t had the pleasure of working for Nasty Gal yet, but seeing as BooHoo have just taken it over, hopefully I'll have the opportunity soon! Anyway, operation converse for walk back to station/walk from station to next event.

This event was held in Shoreditch, in the Curtain Hotel, which may I add is also amazing! We went down to -3 where the party was just getting started! The ceiling was covered in disco balls, the bar was heaving, and the music literally brought me to life! Them old school RnB vibes that you just know you're going to be able to dance all night to!

As for the food; well, it was actually pretty hilarious. Each time the waiter was coming round to feed us mini burgers and chicken goujons, they were gone before he’d got into the dance floor!

'After Party Vintage' Collection

The launch tonight was to celebrate the ‘After Party Vintage’ collection! Imagine denim and camo decorated with the madest badges, bright slogans and lips emojis!

I think this event was a bit more of a 'get to know people, say hi/dance the night away and get drunk' kind of event. It was very laid back and fun, which are of course the BEST events! I also bagged myself the coolest phone case which is ACTUALLY protective of my baby love with the NASTY GAL slogan across the back. You’ll see it in a post soon I’m sure!

So, keep your eyes peeled for the new vintage collection and let me know your thoughts and feelings about it!


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