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Nobu - Monte Carlo

Fairmont Hotel, 35 Boulevard Louis II, 98000 Monaco

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'In its brand new and elegant atmosphere'

Nubo Fairmont Monte Carlo

Within the Fairmont Hotel is this absolutely beautiful restaurant that looks out onto the sea, the views are among just one of many of my favourite things about this place.

We began the evening outside on the balcony with a few cocktails from the bar and sat down to eat around 8pm! Our friends from earlier in the day at Nikki Beach joined us too which was really nice! I have never had the pleasure of going to any other Nobu so didn't know what to expect but luckily a few in my company had been so I let them take the lead when we came to order!

Nubo Fairmont Monte Carlo Food

In Nobu you have to order several different things from all over the menu and they all come at different times - it's best to share most of the dishes as they are far from small! Before I start, I've just got to tell you all that each and every course we had was out of this world - amazing!! (Probably one of the best meals I've EVER had to be honest!)

To Start

Rock Shrimp Creamy Spicy, Butter Ponzu, or Jalapeno (above)

Lobster Hobayaki at Nubo Fairmont Monte Carlo

Lobster Hobayaki

Nubo Fairmont Monte Carlo Drinks

Grapefruit Martini's all round!

Sea Bass at Nubo Monte Carlo

Chilean Sea Bass With Dashi Ponzu sauce with a portion of steamed rice

Amaretto Sour Nubo Fairmont Monte Carlo

Black Cod with Yuzu Miso accompanied by my favvvvvve amaretto sour.


I also had the BENTO BOX for dessert but was farrr too intoxicated and excited to take a photo of it LOL! Overall we had an amazing experience at Nobu and I will definitely be paying the London restaurant a few visits!


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