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Nikki Beach - Monte Carlo

Fairmont Hotel, 35 Boulevard Louis II, 98000 Monaco

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Yes, thats a €14,000 bottle of ace!!

Nikki Beach Monte Carlo is on the rooftop of the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel with the most unreallll views of the city and the Sea! The scene is very sophisticated (like every Nikki) and all about lounging by the pool sipping Champagne (or Ace LOL), they have sooo many specialty cocktails and delicious food.

Inside Nikki Beach Monte Carlo

The interior is absolutely beautiful! If you've been to a Nikki before you'll know they all have a very similar vibe. We got there about 11am, which was perfect timing as it was starting to get busy; there were kids in the pool and a great vibe coming in place! The DJ was playing smooth house and of course it was around 30 degrees! We had a table by the bar and a round of champagne to start the day off... What more could you want huh?

Food at Nikki Beach Monaco
Nikki Beach Monaco
Nikki Beach Monaco Champagne

If you're into Formula 1 you'll recognise this famous bend haha! This is a view from off the roof looking down into town.

Drinks at Nikki Beach Monte Carlo
Aleshay Lemay at Nikki Beach Monaco



TROUSERS (sold out)

Drinks at Nikki Beach Monaco

The Food

Because we had been at Nikki since 11 o'clock, it got to around 2/3 and we were getting hungry! Although our table at Nobu was booked for 7! We decided to grab some food in Nikki and move our reservation to later in the evening (Nobu is also inside the hotel)

Seabass at Nikki Beach Monaco

We ordered a 'boat' of sushi because we had met some new people that were also hungry, so we just decided to share a big order of sushi! (It was amazinngggg may I add.) I ordered a seperate seabass because I had seen one go past me earlier in the day and I knew I had to try it! Of course, another amazing plate of food which I expected! As the evening drew in we went down to the hotel to get changed and sort ourselves out for dinner.

Overall, we all had such an amazing chilled day at Nikki Beach with not one bad word to say.

I highly recommend you pay them a visit and I'm sure I will be back!

Check them out here where you can reserve a bed for the day :)


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