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Missguided Babe Power Fragrance Launch Party

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- Did Someone Say #BABEPOWER? -

Alisha Lemay Missguided Babe Power Launch

Hello my beauty's! Hope you're all well! :)

I've been a busy baby this week... here, there and everywhere, catching up from my holidays and of course planning my next ones haha. I'm actually on the train now like a sardine on my way go Duck & Dry Oxford Circus for a blow dry and manicure with my girls at Nail'ed it. I am actually gonna do a post on Nail'ed it very soon but I speak about them a little here.

Erm yeah, so last night I experienced my first dose of a 'trolling' and boyyyy was it tough! Going to do a post on it as well to let you all know how I have dealt with this shi*!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my angels at Missguided!

Did you legit see the launch party at lights of Soho on my snap? Lol it was unreal! (LEMAYXXO)

Missguided Babe Power Launch

I met up with my angel Yasmine 'cause we always go to the events together. You know when you need a plus one/wingman? Yep, were always together love her!

- The Venue -

May I add it was legit unrecognisable - like we actually walked straight past! Missguided decked out not only the inside but the outside!!!

Alisha Lemay Missguided Babe Power Launch
Missguided Babe Power Fragrance


Can you actually cope with its packaging? (I actually met the designer of the bottle later on at dinner and basically kissed his brain. TRISTAN honey you smashed it!) ahaha.

Anyway, it's a can - like a can of red bull, with a ring pull... that squirts!

Imagine designing that? Imagine manufacturing that LOL! It's insane, would you except any less from MG though really? The event itself was amazing, the food, the DJ (Mercedes Benson) was unreal! We were jamminggggggg!

Missguided Babe Power Fragrance Launch


I ate my body weight in tapas ahaha (ahh Barcelona), but I was fooled by the cute pink macaroons that were actually filled with goats cheese... ermmmm goats cheese macaroons? Neverrrr about that, BUT our cocktails were so instagrammable it hurt LOL!

- THE Smell -

Missguided Babe Power Fragrance

So I know you're all dying to know what it smells like...yeah so imagine a sweet bubble gum smell with a hint of badassss bishhhh! Haha I can't compare it to any other smell because it's so unique!

The overall appearance though is what you really want to be seen with!

-The Price -

£29.99 & its available NOW! Get yours here!


- Instagram -

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