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Eyebrow Microblading

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Harlow, Essex

The before and after picture actually speaks for itself.

Look at the difference pleasseeeee...

I have been 'uhhhming & arhhinggg' for over 2 years weather or not I should go & get my brows tattooed. Allll of my girls have had it done for years but I just wasnt sure. My brows are a nightttmare, honestly I've been to over 15 different brow artists to sort them.

If your the same as me and have thick corse unmanageable hair then you need to invest.

So, I went for a consultation the week before to see what Chiara could actually me, & boyyyyy did i fall in loveeeeee!

She measured up my face to see where they should actually be to my forehead and my brow bone. Whyyyyy didn't I do this earlier?

She told me to see how I got on with them for that evening and to let her know if there was anything I didn't like.

Not only is my hair a challenge but its actually the growth aswell, I have the patchy'est brows everrr with bits missing all over them also not helping I have a huge scar through my left brow which of course hair never grows over! Thanks to my big bro tripping me up as a kid!

So, much to my anxiety attack I went ahead with the 'MICROBLADING' please dont get this confused with the 'TATTOOING'

I did not have tattoo.

Im going to talk you through the whole process (pain barrier too).

Dont be scared, I was ahaha, YES, its a needle, and yes it does hurt of course.

30 mins of a stronggggg numbing cream before the treatment is a massive help!

Chiara (beautician) again measured up my face and re-drew the brows on again just using a pencil. This time she was heavier on the pencil as its her guideline as to where she needed to blade.

& so it began, ahhhhhhhhhh LOL!

The first blade is the worst, she used 2 different needles to get a thicker and thinner hair stroke (makes it look a thousandddddd times more natural)

but once the first lines were cut the pain got more bearable. Chiara also adds numbing cream throughout the process, they take around an hour/hour & a half depending on your brow of course.

If you've got me on snapchat (LEMAYXXO) you would have seen the upclose and personal videos I took during the procedure.

But it really isn't as bad as it looks! I promise!

This picture is the end result, how perfect do they look? It honestly is so worth it anyway you have to just bear it!

Honestly, everyone used to say 'they'll change your life' bla bla I was like come onnnn...

But seriously, they actually have already and there not even healed yet!

The important stuff..


MY treatment


(even if you just go to see what she can actually do for you is so worth it!)

Microblading Treatement £375

here's the good part, if you use my code ALISHA20 when you book your treatment it will get you 20% off your treatment! (makes it £75 cheaperrrrr)

Girls honestly it is so worth it!

You will never regret it (L) to book a consultation call

01279 451219

or visit


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