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Looking For A Personal Shopper?

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P E R S O N A L S H O P P E R?

Is your firsthand thought 'that's going to be expensive' well your wrong! I like to call myself a 'personal shopper' but really I'm not! Yes, I am 'personally shopping' for you but I don't charge the stupid amounts for my time as it comes so easy to me! I'm going to break it down into 3 easy steps so it's simpler for you to understand how my service works..

1- The Consultation

Simply pop down and see me in Harlow, Essex or over the phone to answer my simple questions of; budget, occasion, your style & your comfort zone.

2- The Hunt

I like to give myself 7 days to find the perfect pieces for you (whatever it is you require)

3- The Trial

You then come down to my beautiful little office where you can try on all the amazing pieces I have personally chosen to suit your style, comfort zone & budget!

And it really is as easy as that! I charge at a rate of 20% on top of whatever it is you decide to purchase from me :)

Please don't hesitate to contact me free of charge for an over the phone or face to face consultation!

💻 email -

📞 phone - 07860503253


- Instagram -

Follow me on Instagram for affordable outfit ideas, BTS on my shoots and much more!

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