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So, you guys have been on to me for months to start a YouTube channel and I've finally gotten round to it! I was thinking for ages what shall I do it on... shall I sit in my office? Shall I talk about outfits? Shall I do a make up tutorial...? I genuinely had no idea how to start! So, I thought why not enter the wonderful world of YouTube with a 'day in the life of me' VLOG.

Of course the day started with me & my girl @GLAMBYSHAUNA (what better way to start the dayyyy), she glammed me up into a flawless flamingo and off I went! I met up with my blogger friend Yasmine in central London for a girlie day of nails, lunch and a bit of shopping. I managed to collect 88 minutes of footage for this VLOG and knew I was going to have to edit down to ATLEAST 15 mins ahaha. Bearing in mind I had never even OPENED the iMovie app... :|

Alisha LeMay Manicure by Nail'd It

Of course we had to visit our favourite girls at Nail'd It in Duck & Dry first for our manis and pedis . I went for a darker colour on my nails this week as I saw it on Megan McKenna and loveddddd it!


We went onto lunch in The Rum Kitchen on Carnaby Street which of course I will be reviewing on my 'FOOD' blogs - make sure you check it out! It was incredible, I had the best Jerk Bowl I've ever eaten... Mmmmmm!

We then went on to do a little bit of shopping around town, I wanted to find some cute gems for my face for a shoot I've got coming up, so we went to Selfridges to have a browse.

'do you work here?'

hahaha if you've watched my vlog you'll get this quote. We decided to swap our looks trying on wigs ahaha I suit dark hair no? Maybe its on the cards for winter who knows! So my synthetic wig was £175 and I was so confused 'cause the lady was telling me Yas' real hair wig was £65 (she actually meant £650)

Alisha LeMay Shopping in Central London

I'm very lucky that I only live an hour away from the city, I literally love being so close. I worked up there for over 5 years and still love it every single time I go! Had a mare on the way home and ripped my trousers though LOL! I hope you enjoyed my first vlog and you're looking forward to many many more! ( Subscribe so you can stay notified :))



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