- Lemay In NYC, Day 1 -

Hi Angels! I'm going to write this post as a big one, so all info on where I ate, what I wore & where I visited will be in this blog post and then repeated separately on the individual ones in the categories along the top bar!

Here it goesss!

New York, New York...(I'm actually writing this on the plane home, boooooo!)

Honestly when people say you feel like you're in a film...it's actually true ahah! Our flight left Heathrow around 9am which with the time difference got us into NY around lunchtime. FYI the traffic coming from the airport at that time was horrific don't plan anything the day you land just in case! Taxis from JFK to Manhattan are around $80 and can take up to 2 hours which I don't think is bad!


I was lucky enough to stay in the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square and boyyy was it amazing! I was in awe of the place from the moment I arrived. I was absolutely starving when we got there so we went over to Junior's opposite the hotel which is a nice place to grab a quick meal before you start your day!

Times Square

SO I didn't realise until a few hours of me being in NY that Manhattan is all avenues - by this I mean 1st/2nd/3rd etc like a grid. You go up an avenue and down a street, for example: 32nd Street on 5th Avenue is an address. It DOES actually make sense I promise! It makes things so much easier to find as long as you know what direction you're heading lol!

But yeah anyway, Times Square... this huge square of shops is literally the heartbeat of Manhattan! The feel of Times Square is pretty indescribable to be honest, and I genuinely felt like it wasn't real...like how could all these huge buildings be in such a small space?! Also, NY was actually in the middle of a heatwave!! YES lol, a HEATWAVE. It was 101 degrees! PLEASE imagine central London in that heat! My dad said it felt like opening an oven door and it genuinely did feel like that.

We spent our first day just looking around...the place is so big you could do it all day plus I loveee people watching lol, it's one of my favourite ways to pass time!


New York is renowned for its Broadway shows so make sure you book one (or two) for your evenings over there. We went to see The Blue Man Group & Lion King (links to book tickets are underneath). They were absolutely amazing and I highly recommend both! Lion King is right in Times Square and Blue Man is about 10/15 minutes away in a taxi. We were absolutely knackered by the way!! I almost fell asleep at my dinner that night with the time difference, them 4 hours really catch you up!




- Day Two -

Times Square

Day two consisted of a whole lot of shopping and a whole lot of eating! Because my hotel was so central I had so many opportunities to go back and change, obviously I took wayyyy too many clothes than I actually needed haha. Our first stop was Central Park, which is absolutely hugeeee & so so beautiful! I strongly advise you to go and see it even if you just walk through. If you have time and you love famous films definitely hire one of them little bikes that ride you around the park 'cause it's a beautiful part of the city!


Central Park & Magnolias Bakery


Tiffanys, Bloomingdale's etc...

Central Park is also right near 'Up Town' which is home to the "luxury" shops of New York like Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc etc. I know the prices are out of reach but the actual buildings and atmosphere is just incredible. It's also home to 'Trump Towers' which may I add is unbelievable, he has a Trump Cafe, Trump Bar, Trump Restaurant, you name it he's got it named after him LOL. Next door is Tiffany's...(make sure you go in there just to look haha)

We got a taxi back to our hotel that day because it was just tooo hot and we couldn't take the heat any longer! You'll see in my vlog that I had a row with my dad, so I went out as a Lone Ranger that night to find some food ha!(I ended up in Bubba Gump with a Mojito haha and food was delicious) It's just off Times Square!

Mc Donald's



Empire State

Alisha Lemay Pretty Little Thing

I was lucky enough to take over Pretty Little Thing's Snapchat story for 24 hours and it was so so fun! They sent me 3 amazing outfits which I made sure I shot on the same day!

(Hopefully you watched it, but if you didn't don't worry all the info is right here for you :) )

I had been looking forward to going to the top of the Empire State Building since I was a veryyyyy young child! 25 years later and there I was, not only taking over PLT's Snapchat but AT THE TOP TOP TOP OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.

Had a bit of a moment to be honest, it was just breathtaking! You can pay a little extra to go even higher (of course i did, you kinda have to) Someone did say to me ohhh how long did you wait, was the queue massive? No, I was so lucky there was literally 10 of us up there, I didn't queue at all! Make sure you visit up there, it's something you wont regret!

Sunglasses Times Square View



Alisha Lemay Pretty Little Thing Outfit


We went onto visit the Twin Towers memorial, it didnt even cross my mind that it was going to affect me like it did, but wow. When I got out the taxi the number of people around the pools was overwhelming, as I approached the pool I started to work out the victims names are laser cut out of the metal kind of like a stencil of them. I couldn't handle my emotions, honestly I dont know what came over me. A sense of like.... Emotion! Another amazing life time experience I genuinely will never ever forget! The memorial is kind of far from the busy centre but it's nice to 'get away', in a sense it kind of feels like the whole 'busy' city is behind you and the quiet memorial is in front. We then got a taxi to 'China Town' & 'Little Italy' and these two places were really fun to visit! They're kinda similar to London in a way.

Kellogg's World

I wanted to find Kellogg's NYC, I had previously seen it on insta gram and KNEW i had to go! The milkshakes were amazing, I had a strawberry one with 2 POP TARTS inside. Heavennnnnn! It's jut like a little cafe almost that serves cereal by the bowl, doughnuts that are actually made from cereal and milkshakes. You have to go for the ultimate insta'shot! (Its back in Times Sq) Right next to M&M world may I add you HAVE to go in there, again very similar to London but still amazingggg!

Kellogg's Cereal Cafe New York





Virgil's Real BBQ

We went to Virgil's BBQ for dinner which I researched before I left and was also recommended to visit by a few people. If you like pork and ribs, be my guest! The portions are absolutely huge may I add, so don't order too much, but make sure you get the onion rings and nachos for the starter lol!

Alisha Lemay Pretty Little Thing Clothing






Check out some of my other styling opps/looks from my previous travels here and here.



So if you're British and on UK time, jet lag is literally a b*****!

You will find yourself up at 5/6am every single day!


Breakfastttttttt timeee and no better place than IHOP! It is a little tiny bit out of the way of Times Sq but it's worth it, only 5/10 mins in a taxi-max! The pancakes are literally known around the world & of course I got the 5 stack LOL, with butter and maple syrup! Also if you're with someone else make sure they get the hash brown haha. We actually walked back from IHOP to Times Sq; it is about an hours walk, but there's so much to see and the weather was amazing! I got some amazing pictures on the walk and of course changed 3 times haha.

Alisha Lemay IHOP New York Outfit
Alisha Lemay IHOP New York


Alisha Lemay Wearing Asos and Missguided New York







Steakhouse Brooklyn New York

My dad has been to NY several times and has this favourite steak house that is actually world famous. It is EXPENSIVE and you have to book like 3 months in advance...

You lot know I don't lie, it's honestly, hands down, the BEST steak I've ever eaten lol. I might have said that before but genuinely it was. It's a very very basic restaurant which literally has steak, potatoes and broccoli on the menu but please please go and try it - you will love me forever! Oh and how could I forget the slog! LOL yes, dad if you're reading this... THE SLOG was the death of us! Imagine double cream, but like quadruple cream with caster sugar and airy creamy goodness... well yeah, that's slog LOL! And the apple pie?! Jheeezzzz!

I'm craving it so bad RN! So yeah, definitely worth a visit. It's in Brooklyn which is over the bridge into another part of NY. Brooklyn is very very different to Manhattan - a little bit more ghetto can I say that? Well yeah, imagine central London being Manhattan and Brooklyn being East London, a much different vibe. Still worth a visit, just don't stay too long!


Alisha Lemay at Neil Diamond 50th Anniversary Tour Madison Square Garden

DO NOT LAUGH... We went to see Neil Diamond, I know some of you are gonna be like who the HELL is that... (ask your parents LOL); he is a 76 year old LEGEND that genuinely still owns the stage. We went to see him in Madison Square Gardens (FRONT ROW!) and it was epic. Probably the best concert I've ever been to to be honest! And yes, of course I wore the fan girl t shirt and sang the s*** out of all the songs! (Don't judge me, my dads his biggest fan!)


To be honest by day 5 I was knackerd, my legs were ready to break and my tiredness was on another level. I had just adapted to the time difference lol - excellent on my last day. Jet lag had affected me enough and I genuinely was annoyed that I had finally adapted! Luckily I was flying home at 8am so didn't have anymore time to squeeze anything.. (apart from another 5 stack at the airport LOL.)  Don't get me wrong, the food intake has CERTAINLY caught up with me I genuinely feel like I've gained 5 stone, wahhhhhh :( but it was so worth it and if you go, eat 'til your heart is content like I did.

IHOP Bacon and Pancakes New York

I hope you've enjoyed my post on NYC and if there is anything else you want to know don't hesitate to email me or contact me via the 'contact me' tab at the top of my website :)



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