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#LemayTravels: Madrid

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I was approached a few months ago by a small boutique hostel called Room 007

I have always wanted to go to Madrid, so thought why not! The hostel looked so cool, I had to give it a visit!

- Room007 Sol Hostel -

I know I know, your first thought is, 'hostel!?' But trust me, you've got it all wrong.

It may be called a hostel, but I promise you it is far from your typical hostel.

Room007 has several hostels in the heart of Madrid but we stayed in their Sol location. It's tucked up a small avenue around 40 minutes from the airport (€25 in a taxi), with the cutest view overlooking the city.

When we arrived, we weren't able to check in until 2pm but they had a safe place for our luggage and somewhere for us to freshen up!

As we were only staying for 2 nights we wanted to make sure we made the most of our first day. The hotel staff gave us a map and a few recommendations, but I recommend you either research the places you want to go first or do what we did and just go where your heart takes you!





It was such a beautiful day with a temperature of around 35 degrees! We ended up walking around the city (a tiny bit lost) for a few hours, but you do always find your way back as it's quite a simple city.

We visited a beautiful church which was so peaceful. Madrid is very religious, so you have to be respectful inside the church, which means no photos!

We grabbed a light lunch in Starbucks.

We went back to our hostel to check into our room and put our stuff away. Our room was the Superior Double option and was so spacious considering it's size. We had a waterfall shower, 2 full length mirrors, a hair dryer and separate toilet. My favourite part of the room was definitely our balcony!

The room was big enough for 2 of us to stay in comfortably, with a double bed and wardrobe space next to the TV.

We got changed and headed out for more site seeing and to find some dinner. Our first stop was the Royal Palace, it literally took my breath away - a must visit it if you're staying in 007 as it's literally a 5 minute walk.

To be honest, the hotel is in such a good location; it's right in the middle of everything!

Anyway, of course I had 2500 outfits I needed to shoot, so we had to make sure we found the prettiest of locations for each outfit.

We walked around a bit and explored more of the city's history, then stopped at a little bar opposite the palace which was really busy.

The best part about my trip was this beautiful thing... if you like gin and strawberries, your prayers have been answered! Well, mine were haha!

Our waiter was so sweet, he fell in love with my best friend and treated us very well (we didn't actually realise we were in there for over 3 hours!)


We wanted to visit a rooftop bar whilst in Madrid and were recommended the ME hotel, which was around a 10 minute walk from our hostel. Unfortunately it was closed until 12.30 because of a private party! So, we went to a small bar nearby and waited for the party to end so we could go back up there. To be honest, it wasn't a great experience. I think because the party was so busy, we weren't able to see off the roof and the drinks were expensive. We didn't stay long, so I would definitely go back at a better time to appreciate the views.




I had a great nights sleep and the bed was super comfy! We slept with our balcony doors open and I was woken up by my worst nightmare... a storm! Madrid was experiencing an actual storm! The rain was so heavy (surprisingly peaceful), I couldn't believe our luck!

We had to make the most of it, so got in a taxi to a cafe I had been recommended to by a friend called HERE. It was busy and the staff, at first, were not great. We waited around 15/20 minutes to even order a drink (I think there was a fault with the till as the staff seemed stressed). It's a funny way of ordering, you have to order a package of orange juice, a tea/coffee, brown or white toast and your choice of topping. It's not an extravagant or upmarket place just a simple toast cafe with very delicious food.

I has smoked salmon and cream cheese with spinach and Sydney had smashed avocado and tomato on hers. I would recommend you visit here for a fun experience as the cafe itself is very interesting (€15 total).

TOMMY BANDEAU (tagged on my gram)

Luckily the rain had stopped, so we decided to walk back to our hostel. I had seen a place online called 'Gymmage' which had a rooftop pool. We happened to walk past it so I insisted we went in (although the sky looked as if the heavens were just about to open!)

So, Gymmage is basically heaven for any fitness freaks. It has a healthy small supermarket that only sells the best in protein, healthy teas, gym supplements and all things exercise. It also has a small theatre for dance shows/salsa on the ground floor, a gym on the second floor and a healthy restaurant, bar and infinity pool on the roof. What more could you ask for?!

I would absolutely love one of these in London, I think it would be amazing! I asked and they are building 2 others in Ibiza and LA. If you're into your exercise then I'd definitely recommend you pay this place a visit!

I found a cafe online called La Rollerie that has an absolutely beautiful interior decor, again which was just a 10 minute walk from our hostel. Of course, off we went to get a coffee. I don't really need to say much as the pictures speak for themselves.



I researched any nearby vegan restaurants in Madrid and came across La Encomienda, a 15 minute walk from 007. Again, I don't need to write much as the pictures speak for themselves but I will tell you the ingredients behind these DELICIOUS meals. (€40 total)

I highly recommend paying this restaurant a visit even if you are not vegan. The flavours were unreal and to know no animals were harmed and to enjoy it that much was a really nice feeling. I'd love to know your thoughts on becoming a vegan as I am thinking about it since tasting that food.


Our flight that morning was at 10.35am so we didn't really have time to visit any cafes for some breakfast. The hotel is around 40 minutes from the airport and you can download an app called 'Cabify' which is a Spanish version of Uber. It's super easy to find taxis and to book one for your transfers to and from the airport.

If there's anything you would like to know more about please don't hesitate to drop me an email or hit the 'contact me' button back on my website :)

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