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#LemayTravels: Dubai

March 2017

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- #LemayTravels: Dubai -

So, this trip was a hen do for a friend of mine and it was literally non stop from the get go!

We flew from Heathrow with British Airways on a night flight, which I highly recommend as you can sleep the whole 7 hour jouney and feel energised for when you land in the morning.

2017 Calender








- Jumeirah Mina A'Salam -

Let me start by showing you our Private Suite; yeah, you heard right, our PRIVATE SUITE!

It was incredible! As there was 9 of us sharing the suite we had to add a few extra beds, but what more could we ask for? The balcony was bigger than my flat and the view was even better. The hotel itself was beautiful, the staff were more than helpful, and the food was amazing.

We went half board, which I highly recommend as you get an amazing buffet breakfast and either lunch or dinner at over 50 different restaurants. Technically, you don't ever have to leave the resort!

You can get on boats to all different parts of the resort as it is home to 4 different hotels. There is also a little shopping centre called Sook which has THE most beautiful private beach + it's own pool.

Jumeirah Mina A'Salam it's a 10 from me!


We went to The Westin Hotel for Bubbalicious Brunch and it was so much fun! 

It differs from an 'English brunch' as it is served as an open plan buffet with every single food you could imagine! Heavennn! Chinese, Thai, Crab, Oysters, Sushi, Meat, Fish, Salad, Bread, Desserts, and UNLIMITED alcohol! Vodka filled Watermelons, Gin+Tonic, Pimms, Prosecco, Beer, anything you want you can get on tap!

All the food was lovely, but I was there to have a good time! The music wasn't very loud, however, there were some fun acts on and we played our own games on own table. Cost wise, it works out at £130 and for the alcohol it was good, but make sure you make the most of it as it's only 1-4pm!


There isn't really a dress code at the Westin, some people came straight from the beach and others turned up like me!

I'd make an effort though because the place is beautiful, and you can get some great pictures!


After bunch, we went up to the bar inside the Westin Hotel (already extremely intoxicated) and had a little dance to some cheesy songs!

If that's what you enjoy, I highly recommend. However, with the time difference, we were all wayyyy past the point of staying out and were in bed by 10 haha!

Get ready for day two!

Alisha Lemay Nightwear



The best day of my 25 years on this earth - I absolutely love this place!

It works out at £40 per GIRL for all day unlimited food (amazing selection) & drink (also amazing selection, from cocktails to spirits). I mean, does it get much better than that?

Also, if you get there before 11 you'll get a bed and you NEED a bed!

The pool is on the beach front so you can go down to the sea if you want to. I HATE sand so couldn't bear it haha! The place is so lively, our DJ was amazing! The vibe is just amazing, I had the epiphany moment in the pool when my favourite song came on - I was on cloud 9!

I highly recommend this pool party, especially for big groups of girls. It finishes around 4 so there's plenty of time to head home and change for your night out (if you're not too drunk like I was!)


My swimsuit was from the amazing @sorelle on Instagram (link below) + my kaftan is actually really old! I found it in my case and knew it would look perfect with my suit!

It's an all round, super fun day that I think you have to attend! Even if you are with your boyfriend you can go and chill on the beach and hear the music!

Oh, and it's a primeeeee photspot too - can you tell?

Alisha Lemay Sorelle Swimsuit


As I said, I was highly intoxicated and found it veryyyyyy difficult to get changed; but you've got to do what you've got to do!

Luckily we were only going for dinner in the resort so I didn't have to go far. I pulled myself together, had a 20 min power nap and an espresso shot and I was ready to go out.

We ate in Segreto which is an italian restaurant included in the resorts half board option.

(you do how ever need to pay for all of your drinks)

The food was really nice but I wasnt feeling 100% so didnt eat much!

Like I said, no rest for the wicked so we was of course onto our next destination -


- White Dubai -

We went to White Dubai, a rooftop club about 20 minutes in a taxi from JBR. You haveee to go! This place is insane! The views are so beautiful and the music was so good. If you plan it right, like we did, they do ladies nights where you can drink all night for free. Yep, that's right, for free!

The club itself is massive and has 3 or 4 different outside areas. I highly recommend you going; however, make sure you reserve a table as it's so busy in there!

If you don't have a table, you literally have no where to stand!



Yayyyyy, Yacht Day!

I had been looking forward to this day for about 6 months haha. We hired out a Yacht for the afternoon which took us all around the Palm so we could see what it was all about. We had to provide our own alcohol but they provide everything else! We had a full team on deck; music, plastic and G&Ts going round like no tomorrow!

Another must from me!

Dubai Yacht Day


Alisha Lemay Swimwear Yacht Day


BIKINI (sold out atm)




The most amazing Indian restaurant to ever bless my taste buds!

Because there were so many of us, we opted for the set menu at medium spice. So I'm not sure if any of you know me well enough but... I can't deal with lemon and herb in Nandos let alone 'MEDIUM SPICE' in an Indian!

Give me my credit, I did try the food, and much to my amazement the waiter must have seen my struggle and made the chef cook me something mild!

I had coconut and lime cod and a butter chicken dish which was beautiful!

Not only was the food delicious but the view was something else! The hotel is located literally right underneath the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and opposite the beautiful fountains. They go off every 20-30 minutes and it the most amazing show, they have lights and music and its just so special. A must see for me!

One more thing, its not cheap.. we paid around £150 each!

Amarni Amal Food and Cocktail

After dinner we all went off to 40KONG, a beautiful cocktail lounge located on One Sheikh Zayed Road. The views, again, are literally amazing and the atmosphere is lovely. It's pretty chilled - nothing like White!

So if your looking for a nice cocktail bar, here's your place :)


Alisha Lemay Dubai Outfit


Get me to that beach!

dubai beach front

Our flight home was at 6pm, so there was not much else we could do expect sunbatheeeee. It was 34 degrees and I felt like the happiest girl alive!

I really did not want to go back to reality, like, realllllly didn't want to! 

If any of you need/want any more info on my trip to Dubai do not hesitate to contact me on my email or just click contact at the top of my homepage!


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