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#LemayTravels: Barcelona

July 2016

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- #LemayTravels: Barcelona -

I went at the end of July and it worked out to be around £400 each 👌🏼. 4 nights, a b&b with full use of the pool and sun area (may I add get up there early 'cause it's not a huge tanning rooftop, so you need to get the best spot!)

When we arrived we were greeted to Barca in the mid of a thunderstorm, justtttt what you want aha! After a beautiful 20/30 min cab journey from the airport, we arrived at the hotel. Smooth check in and up we went to the 4th floor! We had a lovely street view over a quiet road and the room was nice.

-The Hotel -

Hotel Catalonia Eixample

Looking over the heart of everything from the rooftop pool on a scorching July morning makes it all worth it...

Hotel Catalonia Eixample, Barcelona

The most important things to me: a nice view and a good bed. Aha both boxes ticked!

Location was good, was a 20 min walk into the Ramblas (where everythinggssss at) and I'd say a 40/45 min walk to the beach. So worth it though; the city really is the most beautiful city in the world! I could look at buildings all day.

So, the rooftop pool... aghhhmazingggggg. Literally picture perfect! The pool itself isn't overly big, but to be honest what were we expecting on a rooftop in the middle of a built up area?! Picture says it all though right? Even if you only stay there for a second, it's worth it!

-Where to Eat-

We didn't eat much in the hotel as we wasn't all inclusive & I'm too much of a travel eater I can't waste that food opportunity LOL! All my recommendations are here.

-The Party Places -

We went to an all day pool party at The Hilton, Puro Beach (heres a link to the site where you can book beds, tables etc) - I highly recommend if you want an Ibiza vibe day. Pool beds/huts to sit at are pricey but the music/vibe/food is all worth the money! Great day party, similar vibe to Ocean Beach Club. Wear your best swimsuit! ;)

-The W Hotel -

A MUSTTTTT! The wet deck party was literally one of the highlights of my whole 2016! It was suchhhh a good night. The cocktails were amazing, the music was out of this world and we were on a rooftop looking over the sea.

The tables surrounded the pool which I highly recommend getting if you're in a group more than 4 as the bar does get busyyyy. If you can afford to stay at the W (we couldn't) or know someone who is staying there use it to your advantage! We managed to worm our way in and up to Eclipse for sushi and boyyyyy was it worth it aha!

The 360 view over Barcelona 26 floors up takes your breath away! A musttt if you're visiting the hotel! Again girls, wear your best frocks!

Wet Deck Summer Series

We stayed for just 4 days but to be honest I think it was enough, it was my friends birthday so that little girlie break away was what we needed! During our stay we wanted to make sure we ate well and had lots of fun - and we did!

If you need/want to know anymore info on where to stay, what to eat or what to do, don't hesitate to check out my other blogs or contact me. I'm happy to help!


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