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Festival Fashion Part 1

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- Festival Fashion -

So, let me start by saying this is actually part one of my shoot, because HERMES and the bank holiday didn't mix well and decided to mess up my deliveries THREE TIMES! So yes, part two is coming soon I promise!

I'm going to release a full video look book of all 6 of my outfits once I've shot them all but please check out the festival look book vlog I put together for the first part on my YouTube channel!

Festival Glam Squad

Alisha Lemay Festival Hair Styling

I got my glam team together and we teamed up to shoot 3 outfits. I wanted to do a really girly look, a 'Tom boy' look, and a mad crazy one for my girls that love that out there look.

I had a vision for my shoot and once everything was in place, the girls of course made me look unreal! Shout out to Lainey, my go to girl; like I say EVERY time, she gets my angles perfect in every single shot. So yeah, she's mine now, foreverrrrrr!

- 'Miss Festival Universe' -

Alisha Lemay Festival Make Up

First stop, makeup! My girl @glambyshauna slayed me into 'miss festival universe'. She only had one slot free that day, so we had to use a neutral makeup look that was going to work with all 3 outfits; we went with a gold base and a gold glitter under my eyes.

Photos kinda speak for themselves though, huh?

- Hair'spo -

My hair was done by my good friend Sophie at @slg_hair_, who would you believe is NOT a hairdresser! We share hair'spo every day and she is always trying new looks out on me, which is always fun!

Alisha Lemay Festival Hair Styling

For the first look, we went with an old-school crimped look with a few braids here and there for volume. FYI, Soph's crimper is actually from 1995 and takes about 9 years to heat up.. but it did the job! My beautiful, little crown was only £12 from Topshop (link below) - how cuteee?!

- Santos Circus -

I had seen banners up around town advertising SANTOS CIRCUS which gave me the vision of a fun fair, which I thought would be perfect for the set of my shoot!

When we got there, it was actually one big circus tent with 2 hugeeee lorries, a ticket stand and some caravans. It couldn't have been more perfect! I was so happy, and to top it off... THE SUN WAS SHINNINGGG! (Ibiza angels, queue your laughing)

So, outfit number 1...

- Outfit 1: Bubblegum Magic -

Alisha Lemay Festival Outfit

- Outfit Two: Mechanic Chic -

Alisha Lemay Festival Styling

- Outfit 3: Bad and Bouji -

Alisha Lemay Festival Outfit

TOP - @retwist_official (INSTAGRAM)




I hope you enjoyed going behind the scenes of my festival look book vlog and are looking forward to part two!

P.S. I'm editing these videos all by myself, so if any of you have any tips or tricks to help me in the world of video please let me know :)


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