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    I began my journey in retail almost 10 years ago working part time in Topshop alongside studying fashion & clothing at college. I had a vision at a young age of what I wanted to do within retail which was Visual Merchandising. I went onto University of Hertfordshire to study a 3 year course in Visual Merchandising. When I finished my course I went straight into full time work, moved to the Flagship Stratford store where I began my VM journey. I worked my way up through the ranks of Topshop before leaving to go onto rivals River Island landing myself the Head Office and Central London Area Visual & Creative role. I covered Oxford Street, Bond Street and Marble Arch for over two years creating schemes and window themes across the central London area.

    Over these two years I began ‘blogging’ on the side of my working hours, started a fresh instagram which at the time I used the handle @SEEITONME as my vision was for girls to actually ‘see it on me’ before they paid out the cash. I used to get to work early and leave late to pull together my dream outfits at prices me/my followers could afford! I often watched the high street trends evolve and adapted my outfits to them, my goal was to show girls that you don’t need millions to dress nice. My motto was always ‘Dress Rich, Without The Price Tag’.


    My dream was always to work for Selfridges, walking past several times a day between my stores only made me want it more. I then of course worked extremely hard, faced 6 gruelling interviews with them and managed to land myself the Ladies wear Visual Creative Merchandiser for contemporary fashion. Whilst still blogging of course I had a huge advantage, 5 floors of on hand stock I could photograph and try on my lunch hour, before or after work. Outfit building seems to come extremely naturally to me and I always know whats going to work before I even put it on. My heart has always been in fashion/photography and social media, putting the three together came naturally and seemed perfect for me. I worked there for just over a year and then decided to begin my own journey.


    ‘If you dont build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.’

    & thats where A.LeMay was born, my little empire. I now own and run my own personal shopping business which you can find out more about here.

    So, thats me :)


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